Restorative Yoga 6 Week Program

Workshop Date: 
Tuesday, January 9, 2018 - 7:00pm to Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 8:15pm

Restorative Yoga and Meditation 6 week program.  Each class will consist of approximately 50 minutes of Restorative Yoga and 20 minutes of Chanting and/or Meditation.

Limited enrollment of 12 Yogi's so register early! 

$75.00 plus tax for 6 week program.

Lisa Bayer, 500 hour RYT 

Restorative yoga is a deeply integrated practice of body, mind and spiritual connection.  It is a practice of offering positions and support to the individual body in such a way as to eliminate our habitual holding, tension and limitation.  We create safety and comfort in the body through releasing the need to work, which holds a space for insight.  This is a practice of being rather than doing.  We get quiet and go inward.  When we go deep enough, we look at what we've been holding onto for so long, and why we've been doing it. 

Chanting/Mediation is a perfect partner for this practice.  With compassion, grace and courage Restorative Yoga and Meditation assist us in beginning to 'get rid of' what we no longer need.  We gain great insight from being kind to ourselves.  Relaxation arises out of the body being free of tension, contraction and compression, so that it can release not only on a physical level, but mental and emotional as well.  Relaxation specifically has been shown to be healing for chronic pain. It turns off the stress response and directs the body’s energy to growth, repair, immune function, digestion, and other self-nurturing processes. The relaxation response unravels the mind-body samskaras (hurts/stories) that contribute to pain and provides the foundation for healing habits. Consistent relaxation practice teaches the mind and body how to rest in a sense of safety rather than chronic emergency. 


Windsor Team