Mary Best

Mary Best has been obsessing over yoga since she first stumbled across an informal public class on York U.'s campus way back in 1999. It has been her constant companion through university stress and personal struggle; and as she travelled from one end of the country to another. She has practised in studios and parks, in living rooms and while waiting for the bus. She has practised alone and in massive groups. She believes that yoga can be practised anywhere, and should be accessible to everyone.

After 15 years of benefiting from a personal practice Mary decided it was time to share the love and underwent her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with the fine folks at Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio in Halifax. 

Her solo practice is playful and largely adapted to what she is feeling and where she finds herself in the moment. As a teacher she endeavours to keep that same spontaneity and customization alive. Sequences and poses are introduced with a layered approach that is inclusive and gentle where necessary but leaves the option of personal challenge open. She puts a particular emphasis on ahimsa (non-violence) and svadyaya (self-knowledge) encouraging students to work safely and at their own pace. 

Mary continues to study and expand her understanding of yoga as a practice and the ways in which it fosters connections between us. She is a certified Pre- and Postnatal Teacher and is currently pursuing her 500 hour YTT.


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